JKCC Gives better market hope to Frustrated farmers

“…With Farmer groups, comes unity and strength against fraudulent middlemen. We will help establish and train groups of coffee growers’ best practices in this business and provide market for your coffee in this area.” This and more were revealed by JKCC to farmers of Kabasuma Coffee Farmers and Traders Association in Kireku, Bbanda Mityana District.

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JKCC hosts Korean Delegation

JKCC has today hosted a delegation from Korea International Agribusiness Development Institute (KADI). The engagement was premised at what JKCC does the coffee business and how best JKCC can tap on to the Korean coffee market to boost the Ugandan economy.

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JKCC takes Coffee Farming Gospel to church

Uganda is the largest coffee exporters in Africa and coffee is its most important export commodity yet the coffee farmers are the poorest. JKCC having the core objective of increasing production and productivity and eradicate poverty amongst traditional smallholder coffee farmers. Ultimately, Uganda intends to increase the overall coffee production from 5 million bags to date, to 20 million bags by 2030.

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