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Robusta & Arabica

There are two main variety of coffee beans JKCC export from Uganda to  other countries. One is Robusta  Coffee, and the other is Arabica Coffee.  More than three-quarters the beans we export to countries are Robusta Coffee ,The other percentage is Arabica coffee.


Coffee Beans Exported

JKCC exports a variety of coffee beans and these are subdivided into 4 categories i.e  screen 12, screen 15, screen18 and blacks ( inform of black beans and BHP)

Screen 18

Screen 15

Other Products

Our Products

Through processing And Value Addition JKCC has managed to set aside an independent company that process and produce coffee products(JK Roaster).  JK Roaster’s core  business is value addition, It has produced a number of coffee products from coffee beans, our flagship product can be found in major supermarkets across Uganda.

Roasted Coffee Beans

Roasted Ground Coffee