JKCC Initiatives already boosting coffee export – UCDA

Recently, JKCC general supplies ltd embarked on a campaign to replace old trees with new ones as part of the measures to achieve the target. This campaign comes at a time Uganda has relaunched an ambitious campaign to become the world’s third-largest exporter of coffee by 2025.

This same campaign has been embraced by Uganda coffee development Authority saying that the increasing coffee exports during November compared to the previous year was due to newly planted coffee which started yielding supported by favorable weather.

This campaign has kept JKCC in the first 15 top exporters for the last three months. JKCC has achieved this through establishment and registration of more farmers.  The company has partners with different farmer groups in areas of Central Uganda, Kigezi and Eastern Uganda with over 3700 farmers.

A new law which orders the registration of farmers and the enforcement of standards, plus the replacement of old trees with new ones are part of the measures to achieve the target.

According to UCDA statistics, Uganda exported 524,902 60-kilo bags of coffee valued at US$ 71.09m in Nov 2021. Coffee exports for 12 months (Dec 2020 – Nov 2021) totaled 6.65m bags worth US$ 681.49 compared to 5.40m bags worth US$ 514.37m the previous year (Dec 19-Nov 20).

Coffee exports in November 2021 amounted to 524,902 60-kilo bags worth US$ 71.09 million. This comprised 436,417 bags of Robusta valued at US $51.42 million and 88,485 bags of Arabica valued at US$ 19.67 million. This was an increase of 21.98% and 65.90% in quantity and value respectively compared to the same month last year. By comparing quantity of coffee exported by type in the same month of last Coffee Year (November 2020), Robusta increased by 17.15% and 68.17% in quantity and value respectively, while Arabica exports increased by 53.11% and 60.24% in quantity and value respectively.

“Increasing coffee exports during the month compared to the previous year was due to newly planted coffee which started yielding supported by favorable weather.” UCDA report reads in parts. The positive trend in global coffee prices were attributed to weather related issues in Brazil and shortage of shipping containers which prompted exporters to release their stocks. Coffee exports for the 12 months (December 2020-November 2021) amounted to 6,648,473 60-kilo bags worth US$ 681.49 million compared to 5,399,837 60-kilo bags valued at US$ 514.37 million the previous year (December 2019- November 2020). This represents 23.12% and 32.49% increase in both quantity and value respectively.


  1. Henry

    January 13, 2022

    This shows very strong growth in just a short period of time

    • Benon Tugumisirize

      January 13, 2022

      Thank you Henry

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