JKCC hosts Korean Delegation

JKCC has today hosted a delegation from Korea International Agribusiness Development Institute (KADI). The engagement was premised at what JKCC does the coffee business and how best JKCC can tap on to the Korean coffee market to boost the Ugandan economy.

Lee Yoon, President of KADI pledged good working relations with JKCC and promised to encourage Korean coffee companies to buy Ugandan coffee adding that they have tested it and its very good. “Ugandan Robusta Coffee is the best in the world. I commit myself to link you to the coffee companies in the Republic of Korea to start importing coffee from Uganda.” Said Lee

The CEO JKCC General Supplies Ltd Julius Kalulu appreciated and welcomed the move saying Uganda grows a lot of coffee that can’t be exhausted by the current world market.  He revealed that Ugandans are ready to fill the Korean market with coffee.

Yong-Hwan Kim, CEO Taehwan Automotion Ind.co, Ltd was impressed by the tremendous work done by the youths from JKCC. He noted that he looks forward to offering technical support to the company when it comes to processing and value chain.

 Yong-Hwan Kim owns a company that makes coffee processing machinery. He pledged to work with JKCC to improve the quality of coffee and make it fit for the international market demand.

JKCC team led the delegation around the coffee processing plant in Namanve where the delegation got a chance to teste Uganda coffee. The delegation revealed that they now have a story to tell when they get back to the country adding that Uganda will soon overwhelmingly receive so many coffee buyers.

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