JKCC goes green, vows to save mother nature

For over a decade now, JKCC General Supplies Ltd is at the forefront of saving mother nature through partnership with local NGO’s to restore ecosystems in several districts of Uganda.

All are important for biodiversity and endemism and all have lost much of their once expansive forests. Important to note also is that JKCC has ventured into a green campaign where the team makes briquettes from coffee husks and dust. This is in a bid to fight deforestation where so many forests are cut down and used as source of fire wood and charcoal.

JKCC also gives out coffee husks to their registered farmers which they use for mulching that later decompose to produce manure. JKCC has often times urged farmers to incorporate shade trees into coffee farms to enhance carbon sequestration.

There is also a tendency of naturally drying coffee under the sun other than the wet process which promotes waste water pollution to the water bodies. This has been exhibited by the team encouraging farmers to use organic fertilizers so as to curb soil pollution.

The JKCC registered farmers are also urged to use pheromone boxes to curb insects in lieu of pesticides.

As per the SDG 5(gender equity), JKCC looks at how men and women have differentiated roles in natural resource management. (Men tend to establish farms for financial gain supported by women who are great caretakers in nature so as to preserve the natural resources in the environment). Youths also play the role of planting and harvesting.

About roasted coffee that is done by JK Roasters, one of the sister companies of JKCC, there is use of doy pouches which are recyclable in nature.

As per packaging material JK Roaster has a coffee sticker label with a symbol of ? to encourage proper waste disposal with a highly experienced team and a portfolio of new and maturing projects. The team is creating a global reference for building effective wildlife corridors.

Briquettes being sun dried

JKCC has a program of School Children planting trees in Uganda as a belief that there is still time to save threatened and endangered species and vulnerable communities. JKCC believes that they can recover and restore some of what has been lost and thoughtfully balance human activity with conservation actions to preserve the future.

The team encourages planting the right trees in the right places to safeguard biodiversity, protect nature, and fight climate change.

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