JKCC gives out Coffee Seedlings to Coffee farmers

At JKCC General Supplies Ltd, its believed that the future of Uganda’s coffee is tangled with the future of the coffee farmers.

Coffee seedlings ready to be given out to JKCC registered farmers

So, the team works to get the JKCC registered farmers a fair deal for their work and make sure everyone in the community benefits from the coffee industry.

 As a continuation of Coffee Tourism, JKCC has given out over Three hundred thousand (300,000) seedlings to coffee farmers. This is intended to promoting the increase in the production of good quality coffee and therefore stimulate revenue.

 Through Coffee Tourism, JKCC believes that Ugandan government will increase its coffee exports dramatically, from 6 million bags (60 kilograms per bag) per year today to 20 million bags by 2025.

This approach means that coffee producers will be introduced to consumers as part of a “farm to cup” approach, which allows consumers to visit farms and share their experiences with farmers.


  1. Keneth Karuhanga

    December 12, 2021

    This is Christmas come early for those lucky farmers. What does it take to be the lucky one yo receive the seedlings. I am a young farmer from Ntungamo Ruhaama.

    • Benon Tugumisirize

      December 14, 2021

      Its all about getting registered with JKCC and through several interactions then you become one of our partner members

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