JKCC distributes coffee seedlings to Coffee farmers in Gomba District

Coffee is the leading cash crop in Uganda, contributing to over 19% of the total exports of the country. Through different supporting programs, jkcc extends to the coffee farmers, we have managed to distribute thousands of coffee seedlings to farmers in Gomba district under a cooperative known as Mpenja Mpogo. This will help to uplift coffee growing in Gomba district.

We had a one to one meeting with the farmer to teach them how well they should manage and plant the coffee seedling given them.

As we interacted with different farmers in mpenja Mpogo, they mentioned out a number of challenges and these are??

Coffee theft.

Farmers reported the issue of coffee theft whereby unknown people harvest premature coffee in their coffee gardens.

Lack of Materials (Tarpaulin) needed to dry Coffee.

Most farmers in Mpenja Mpogo do not have enough materials to dry coffee, this is evidenced by using worn out tarpaulin with holes and sacks. This has led to reduction in quantity and quality of coffee.


coffee farmers appreciated JKCC general supplies ltd for supporting them through trainings,

extending better programs for coffee growing, buying their coffee at favorable prices hence eliminating middlemen that exploit the farmers.


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