JKCC Challenges Luwule farmers to embrace group work model.

JKCC has challenged Luwule farmers to form groups that will enable them share ideas and ease the process of acquiring skills in good agricultural practices. This would enable farmers improve coffee quality, quantity and collectively fight the pests and diseases.

This took place on 21/04/2023 in Luwule village, Sisa Wakiso District. JKCC’s call followed a request by the farmers led by their chairman Gerald Masagazi to train them in the Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs).

The JKCC team led by Benon Tugumisirize, Public Relations and Sustainability manager encouraged farmers to take serious the skills acquired in order to improve Coffee quality and high yields as JKCC is available to provide them with market.

With a simple exhibition done by JKCC on Mrs. Nabakooza’s farm, farmers now understand how to control pests and diseases in their coffee gardens by carrying out stumping, bending of trees, desuckering, spacing of coffee trees, pruning and agroforestry.

The team advised farmers to join the JKCC SACCO where they can save money and access affordable interest loans hence improving standards of living.

The farmers revealed that their biggest challenge is black coffee twig borer and coffee wilt. They added that they own big coffee farms but harvest little due to lack of such trainings and knowledge about the market. This they said has given chance to exploitative middlemen to take charge. The farmers committed their good working relationship with JKCC and called for more of such trainings.

Masagazi Gerald, Chairperson Luwule village appreciated JKCC team for the training and the farmers promised to practice what they were trained so as to improve on the quality and quantity as they sell coffee to JKCC.

By Recheal Nampijja, PR and Sustainability.

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